The last couple of weeks have been very hard for us. Something that has become so incredibly clear to us has been the level of total unconditional support that we have from pretty much everyone we know, and even people we don’t.

So, this post is a massive thank you! We cannot express how lucky we feel to have you all behind us.

The New Family Social forum has been absolutely brilliant, after I posted a message on there we received many messages of support and advice, all of which have been vital.

The comments on my previous blog post have also helped, to receive that kind of good feeling from absolute strangers is awesome.

Most of all the sheer level of good feeling and emotional support that we have received via text, phone, Facebook and in person from our friends and family has been absolutely amazing. You are our rocks!

Any children that join our family will be incredibly lucky to have you in their lives, of that we have no doubts.

Thank you all, we cannot say that enough.

At the end of my last post I wrote “I have nothing else to say”, well, now I do. I have a LOT to say, and I will be saying it. But not yet, the time isn’t right.

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